Month: November 2021

Going off-grid | Wolf Track Energy

Off-grid solar batteries: A guide to energy self-reliance

We’ve all fantasized about leaving it all behind and living off the land, trading in a cubicle for a simple life in the country. One way to power that dream is with off-grid solar batteries. Off-grid systems can power electrical devices in areas the power lines don’t reach, allowing people to enjoy modern conveniences in…
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November 15, 2021 0
Snow on solar panels | Wolf Track Energy

Snow on solar panels? Here’s why you shouldn’t panic

Winter is coming. You may not like it, but soon you’ll be seeing the white stuff everywhere. Yes: there will be snow on solar panels.  If you have a rooftop system that’s hard to reach, this might seem like a headache. After all, solar panels can only generate electricity when the sun is shining on…
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November 2, 2021 0
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