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We often hear from people who want to reduce their electricity bills. As it turns out, that’s how the team of Duluth solar installers at Wolf Track Energy got its start.

During one fateful winter, Jesse Fette noticed his power usage was increasing dramatically and becoming unaffordable. That sparked his interest in solar as a viable option for generating power.  

“It was more a curiosity — how does it even work?” Jesse says. “When you start reading about solar in general, you find there’s a gap in the industry for installers.”

It took a few years to get the business off the ground, but by the summer of 2018, Jesse took the leap and started working on Wolf Track Energy full-time. Shortly after, he hired Thomas Lukken to help manage the rapidly growing business. 

Jesse says he quickly began accumulating experience and knowledge. He earned a solar installation certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, making him one of less than 30 people in Minnesota with that distinction. Combined with state electrical and general contractor licenses, Wolf Track Energy is highly qualified to install solar systems at homes and businesses

Today, Wolf Track Energy installs about 650 kilowatts of solar power per year, helping customers reduce their electricity bills and minimize their carbon footprint. The company has also expanded to offer backup energy systems and electric vehicle charging. We employ an experienced team of electricians, as well as sales and marketing staff. 

Jesse says he’s proud that Wolf Track Energy is built on solar expertise and a sharp focus on customer service. 

“The success of Wolf Track Energy is based on hard work, a customer-comes-first mentality and delivering exceptional solar installations,” he says. 

Our Customers

Kate and Nick wanted to install solar panels primarily for the environmental benefits that come with renewable energy. But they were pleasantly surprised to see their power bill eliminated in the first couple months after we installed their system. 

After noticing neighbors who had installed solar panels in their Duluth neighborhood, Kate and Nick discovered the benefits of going solar and hired Wolf Track Energy to install a 6.6-kW (DC) system.

It was a good time to go solar, since their house was fairly new and the panels are expected to last for a long time. And they could use rebates from Minnesota Power to bring down the cost of their system. 

The couple appreciated that Wolf Track Energy worked with them to develop a project that fit their budget and met their power-producing goals. From there, they said the process was pretty “hands-off” once they signed a contract with us. 

“They were responsive, friendly and educational,” Kate said. 

Jason saw solar energy as a great long term investment, not only for his family but for the environment. 

Wolf Track Energy built this 13.3 kW (DC) system at Jason’s home south of Duluth, where panels can be found on the house and garage. The house is completely powered by electricity, so Jason said it made financial sense to generate some of their own power from the sun. 

Through net metering, Jason expects to produce enough electricity to offset the next month’s electric bill. 

Jason said Wolf Track Energy was able to quickly obtain a highly sought-after rebate from Minnesota Power, which brought the cost of the system down considerably. Because Wolf Track Energy is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, we can help customers qualify for that rebate. 

Jason said he’s not an energy expert, so it was helpful having the knowledgeable Wolf Track Energy team working on this project. 

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