Month: August 2021

Electric vehicle | Wolf Track Energy

Installing EV chargers: Businesses can stay ahead of the curve

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common, as car manufacturers announce plans to roll out new models. To get ahead of the curve, businesses should consider installing EV chargers to help attract customers and employees. Forbes said earlier this year that there are only 40,000 charging stations registered with the U.S. Department of Energy. That means there’s…
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August 30, 2021 0
Solar panel installation | Wolf Track Energy

Minnesota solar companies: What to look for

If you’re comparing Minnesota solar companies to help you make the transition to renewable energy, you may have wondered if there’s some kind of “solar installer certification.” It turns out there is, and Wolf Track Energy has one.  But there are other licenses out there that a solar contractor will be required to have, depending…
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August 19, 2021 0
Solar panel angle | Wolf Track Energy

How to determine the best angle for solar panels

It’s important to think about the best angle for solar panels when designing a new system. After all, the way the panels are arranged will play a big part in determining how much energy they produce.  The optimal angle will differ based on where you live, and the design of the system itself.  But panel…
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August 16, 2021 0
Bell curve | Wolf Track Energy

Inverter clipping: Design flaw or smart investment?

New solar users often wonder how they can avoid inverter clipping. Luckily for them, they don’t need to.  Inverter clipping is, simply put, a situation in which the output of a solar system is limited by the size of the inverter, which is a device that converts direct current (DC) produced by panels into alternating…
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August 9, 2021 0
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