Commercial EV chargers: Wolf Track partners with ZEF Energy

Commercial EV chargers: Wolf Track partners with ZEF Energy

March 28, 2024 Uncategorized 0
Commercial EV chargers | Wolf Track Energy

Wolf Track Energy recently partnered with ZEF Energy to begin offering commercial EV chargers across the Northland.

ZEF Energy is a Minneapolis-based maker of Level 2 and DC fast chargers that’s owned by 35 cooperatives and municipal utilities. It makes its equipment in the U.S. with domestic steel and labor, and since 2014 it has developed, owned and operated hundreds of fast chargers in various states.

As a install partner for ZEF Energy, Wolf Track can help commercial clients meet a growing demand at a critical time for the electric vehicle industry.

EV sales were up 50% last year, and there are more than 4 million electric vehicles on the road today. The Biden Administration’s recent proposed tailpipe emissions limits would mean even more electric vehicles on the road, providing a new way for business owners to attract customers that need a place to charge their car.

ZEF Energy’s Pro Series chargers are a Level 2 charging option that can provide up to 80A of charging capacity. It includes two plugs on a galvanized steel assembly that can display custom branding and show off your business’s commitment to clean energy. These can be a great fit for hotels, restaurants and other places where drivers stay for a stretch of time.

The company also makes a series of DC fast chargers that can keep busy travelers on the move. These units can provide between 50 kW and 600 kW of charging power, giving you plenty of options for designing the system that fits your needs.

To learn how your business can benefit from commercial EV chargers from ZEF Energy, reach out to our team!

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