EV Charging

EV Charging

At Wolf Track Energy, our mission is to make it easier for everybody to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle by installing EV charging systems at their home or business.

Once something of a novelty, EVs are becoming a mainstream mode of transportation. Car manufacturers are developing more EV models and charging stations are becoming more common. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than gas-powered vehicles, EVs can also have lower fuel costs and require fewer trips to the shop for maintenance.

For business owners, EV chargers can help attract new customers, increase revenue and increase property values.

It’s no wonder that EV sales are expected to keep growing. One analysis said EV sales would become more common as larger models, such as trucks and SUVs, are introduced.

What we do

Since charging an EV takes longer than filling a tank of gas, batteries are most often replenished at home. But plugging in an electric vehicle isn’t necessarily as simple as charging your phone at night.

Standard chargers, known as Level 1, may only add a few miles of charge for every hour the car is plugged in. Level 2 chargers can charge electric vehicles much faster, helping you stay on the road longer.

That’s where we come in. The experts at Wolf Track Energy can come up with the right system for your needs to get your vehicle charged quickly. We’ll consult with you on the electrical system in your garage or parking lot and the type of car being charged to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your EV.

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